Best Motorcycle Road Trips

There is always a question on where to go and what to do? Most trips be they planned or spur of the moment can take twists and turns that are sometimes Amazing sometimes Frightening. I try to view them all as a learning curve so I can use what went right or wrong later on down the line and hopefully avoid or improve the events.

What are some of the best motorcycle road trips? Well for some it is just the Ride and feeling of Freedom that comes from the trip itself, and for others it is all about the Destination. I can recall several trips that I was just Happy to have Survived till the end!

Planning the trip

Just recently my fiancé and I decided to take a trip on the Motorcycle. So as usual I spent about a week looking up sites and places to go. I even made and Excel worksheet that had the destinations, mileage and length of time it would take to get from one place to the other. I felt pretty confident about what I had accomplished! So we packed up the Bike for our trip it was going to be a week-long venture so packed fairly heavy and away we went.

Now here is where planning and Reality collide! I had forgotten that we were on the motorcycle with ALL of our stuff Strapped to the back out in the open. I have a travel bag several of them actually and it fits nicely right on the luggage rack behind the passenger. However, it does not LOCK so all you have to do is unstrap the hold downs and take the bag with you. Well that’s nice if it is your bag it is easy to remove, if it NOT your bag it still works the same way easy to remove and never see your stuff again!

So very first waterfall we reached was 1.5 mile walk to get to 3 miles round trip, so I locked up the bike, saddle bags and handlebars, looked over the Luggage that was nicely attached (but not locked) to the bike, and we started our journey. Motorcycle Luggage

You have to remember we are Riding so dressed appropriately for that, NOT hiking 3 miles. I wear jeans and boots anytime I ride just in case something goes wrong, better safe than sorry. So it is a little cooler than the surface of the SUN while on our little hike and we pass people going to the falls. Soon enough we came across a couple of younger folks on the way back to the parking lot. I asked how much further and they explained we were still a long ways away and probably wouldn’t make it back to parking lot before nightfall? Here is what we should have been wearing: For Women For Men

So in my mind I saw all of our belongings being taken and possibly even the bike itself and my better judgment took hold and around we turned headed back to bike. I am from Michigan and Detroit was where I spent a lot of time. I’m not saying it was a bad place just had some bad people in it back then so I don’t really trust people all that much. However, we reached the bike and our stuff was still intact. You become very Religious doing Motorcycle trips and I Thanked God for looking out for us!

Winging it

Well we tried to find a few other waterfalls and I now know what that song “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” mean as we did not find one. We did come very close to getting ran over by a pickup truck on the curves of AR though, so there is that. My fiancé was thinking outside the box and said ‘how about we go to San Antonio?” I had to stop for a minute and think, I asked what’s in San Antonio? She said the Alamo you have been wanting to go there for as long as I have now know you.

So I plugged in San Antonio to the GPS and off we went. What could go wrong? Well I do not watch the new that much as I haven’t seen anything good or even believable in I can’t remember when. Turns out there were riots and of course the Virus hitting pretty hard there. We didn’t have a place to stay and Angie (my fiancé) looked up places while we were riding she is a great multi tasker. She found the Riverwalk Plaza hotel and when we stopped to grab a bite she called and asked about vacancy and swimming pool. Swim Wear: For Women:For Men

Again Religion hit home and they had both, limited capacity for swimming due to well you now know. We stayed on the 4th floor, went to our room which had a door wall? Looked out door wall and there was the pool in all it’s glory. You had to call the desk and let them know you were going to pool so they could keep the count down on people in one place. Great place within walking distance to everything, even the Alamo. We Parked the Motorcycle right by the office and it was under a camera that they watched at the check in counter so really safe.

On the way Home

All good things come to an end and so did our vacation. We still had a few days to spare so Angie asked if I wanted to go to Gas Monkey Bar and Grill? I had watched the show and the episode where they found the location and for our trip to get it started. I said You Betcha and plugged into trusty GPS and off we went. It was a good thing the GPS knew where we were going because I had no clue. However, the fates aligned and we made it there safe! We had something to eat and a specialty drink and both were pretty good.

It was HOT of course so we needed to apply sun screen so we did not burst into flames! Angie removed her IWatch so she didn’t get the sun screen all over it, and placed it on the luggage rack while she sprayed herself down. I did the same thing and we were ready to begin again. Now as we were traveling down the road on our way to our next adventure she realized she had forgotten to put the watch back on after spraying. We pulled over and she called and they went out and looked and NO watch was found. IWatch For WomenFor Men

The next day however she received a call from the Manager of Gas Monkey Bar and Grille and they had found the watch and needed to now know if we were coming back to get it. We were almost home by this point so she asked if they could ship and we would be happy to pay the shipping cost and a Finders fee. They said neither were necessary and they shipped the watch to our house.

Either Or

As you can see by the story it really doesn’t matter which direction you chose to go, Ultimate Planning or Winging it the tales you will have and the memories that go along with them are PRICELESS! It is important to remember to ENJOY the time we have no matter what the outcome, I have found that things usually work out in the end. You now know the saying “Everything happens for a reason” well I am a firm believer of that NOW.


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