How to add additional Income

There are so many websites that profess EASY ways to earn extra income out there these days. With the state of the world in turbulence and jobs being lost due to Pandemic it is very unsettling! The uncertainty is what makes it even more stressful. You really don’t know what is going to happen from one day to the next and that in and of itself is a serious issue. But what can you do about it? You can spend countless hours researching the best proven methods of earning extra income and hope that you chose the correct path? You could just pick one and run with it because “what could possibly go wrong?” I chose the first option and let me tell you there was A LOT of information out there and most of it was USELESS! I finally narrowed it down and chose Wealthy Affiliates.

I am in my 50s so although I know how to use the internet I was unfamiliar with many Applications and Software. Now I could stumble my way around many things but this being new was not one I wanted to blindly wander through. So I joined and I learned! I always say “if you haven’t learned something today then you just wasted a day.” I am a visual learner so that threw in a curve ball, as most sites TELL you what to do thinking you are up to speed. Well WA SHOWS you in video step by step to avoid any confusion.

First Step

Similair to the Military it start with a Basic Boot Camp, which gets you going in the direction of success with structure. The lessons are set up to improve your knowledge and give you some insight on how the affiliate marketing world works. While many are working from home and can still receive a paycheck many more are out of a job and struggling to make ends meet. Although there are things that I never thought I would use such as twitter and pintrest, I was educated on how these simple things could assist you on your road to improvement and success.

While there are few things in life that are Guaranteed, if you keep repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome, well you know what that ends up doing! Getting you NO WHERE!

I have found that with the proper training and guidance you can achieve things that even you may not know about? Due to the mandates of my state we were locked down for several months. With all that time on my hands I needed to do something but wasting time isn’t really my thing so I researched ideas. I was still working employed just from home so I was making money through my employment. However even my job is questionable as to length of time it may be around? I deal with Coal Power Plants and they are high on the list of things the Government wants to out date and use CLEAN power generating sources. I have been a part of the retrofitting of many power plants and I would rather breather the STEAM that is coming out of the stack than the CLEAN AIR we breathe every day.

Second Step

Do your own research and see what you can find out there? There is a lengthy list of things that you can try and they will cost you money you don’t have to try things you may not be able to do? That is what I found on a regular basis while doing my due diligence. I do alright until they start asking you for payments right out of the gate without so much of a Here is what you are going to be doing? Now I don’t have a problem paying for things if they work the ways they say they do, however they have to say what they are supposed to do first right?

In finding ways to earn additional cash I kept in mind that like most things they are only as good as the support that comes with them. So it is important to ensure that whatever you pick to achieve your goals has a support structure. Wealthy Affiliates has such a structure and is like a little community. As you progress and you find somethings that you may be having difficulties with yo can just post the question in the community and MANY people will come to your aid.

Third Step

Anything you pick will require TIME to set up and get rolling, that’s just the nature of the beast. The more time you put in the more rewards you are likely to achieve! I followed the lesson plans and each time I learned something new I applied it in the REAL WORLD! I have been doing this for a little over a month now and the knowledge I have gained and the understanding of how affiliate programs work AMAZE me. It is something I would have never done if the TIMES that we are in didn’t make me look into alternative means of income. We tend to be creatures of habit and if things are going well we SLIDE through life as if nothing bad could happen often times oblivious of opportunities that are right around the corner.

As I stated before repeating the same motion and expecting a different outcome doesn’t work well in the BIG picture, if you want to sustain or advance in any direction. Wealthy Affiliates gave me the opportunity to try and move in the right direction, and gave me some knowledge that I would otherwise not have sought out. You have the opportunity to do as much or as little as you can or want on the road to success, please pick carefully! The sky is the LIMIT.


One the path of Life there are times when you may stumble and fall, but if you use that spot as a learning point and grow you would be surprised at the path it leads. You have an opportunity to do so many things and Life sometimes a way of moving so fast you miss many of them just trying to Survive. Take the time you can to enjoy the things that make you feel good, as you only get one life! I look forward to seeing you at WA making the most of the things!!

Lee H

Founder of