Motorcycle Riding Boots and Safety- How to Select

I’ve been riding for as long as I can remember, from Dirt Bikes to Full Dress Cruisers. Each one has something a little different that can be taken away from the experience! It is important that you wear the correct foot wear for any Riding style you are participating in. Safety being of great concern especially when you are out on the road seeing the site this world has to offer. Comfort is very high on my priority list, especially the older I get, the less the COOL look means anything and the more the COMFORT fit, form and function becomes my primary goal.


When riding on the open road I’ve found it beneficial to wear sturdy Leather Motorcycle boots with superior traction and waterproof! The traction is essential when trying to navigate your motorcycle in and out of parking areas. My bike weighs around 800lbs (it’s a Harley Road Glide Custom) so not the lightest bike you can start out on for sure. I prefer to back into parking spots which allows me a clear and straight shot when leaving a facility to ensure there is no one coming in from behind me. Without proper traction on your Riding Boots this can be a monumental task as there is usually loose rocks, gravel, sand you name it in the parking area and trying to PUSH or PULL 800lbs while setting on it isn’t easy when you can’t find any footing! Now if you happen to have a significant other or passenger they can always assist you with this and that is usually the quickest and safest way to back into parking areas. But I am a GUY so I STRUGGLE in Silence and muscle my way through to accomplish this task on my own.

The waterproof aspect of the boot is something that I found to me important as once you get wet feet things don’t seem to be as much fun anymore? It may not look like there is a chance of rain in the forecast but I can assure you once you decide you want to ride the likelihood of rain, puddles or some sort of WET area is increased dramatically! During the summer in Missouri it’s like Forrest Gump says “you never know what your gonna get?” so it’s better to air on the side of DRY. The temps can be in the 90s to sometimes 100’s so wearing thin breathable socks can aid in the comfort aspect as sweaty feet do not add anything in the way of comfort in my book! I’ve many friends who also ride with me and most have Harley Davidson bikes as well so of course that calls for Harley Riding boots such as the ones below:

Motorcycle Riding Boots for Men

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I’ve a pair of these and the one thing I like about them is they ZIP up the side so easy on and easy off when the time comes. They are lightweight compared to some I’ve had and very versatile while still holding some style just for the SHOW. I water proofed them as they do not come that way from the factory. The Soles are oil and slip resistant right out of the box and I’ve been wearing mine for over 7 years and they are still in good shape! They can be resoled when wear becomes a problem and that is a plus in my book because I don’t have all kinds of money to keep replacing boots every year or so. I am a Marine so I do keep them polished and clean for the most part as our training puts a lot of focus on keeping your feet in good condition and that has a lot to do with your foot wear! I don’t like my boots to RIDE way up my leg just around the ankle to give me some protection from rocks and such is fine and it is usually cooler in the hot weather as well.


I want to SEE as much of the sites as I can and that means WALKING ALOT! Now it is not always the coolest way to hike as I always wear jeans and boots no matter where I go on the bike. I’ve found once you get acclimated to the weather it makes it a little easier to deal with while hiking on trails and such. Hydration is a BIG thing especially when the temps get into the 90s or more! I always have a saddle bag cooler with something to drink on ice with me wherever I go! I’ve this one and it works fine plus is more affordable than many others I’ve had and had to keep repairing due to leaking issues.

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I can not stress the importance of having something handy to drink when the SUN and the HEAT start taking their toll on you!! I’ve had trips where there wasn’t anything around for MILES and the ability to just pull of the side of the road and get a drink of ice-cold water was one of the thing that made the trip enjoyable. You can also save yourself some money by having cold beverages on hand as opposed to the need to stop and buy something every time you get thirsty.

Rain Gear

As I’ve said before you never know what type of day it will turn out to be weather wise and I’ve been trained “it’s always better to have and not need than need and not have!” So if you r taking a trip and want to air on the side of caution rain suits are the best way to avoid going from HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY to WET CAT! It’s not always easy to pack for trips depending on the type of bike you have? I’ve a cruiser so along with my saddle bags I’ve a quick connect luggage rack that I can use to PACK all the necessary clothes and gear I may need. It is easy to learn how to pack the biggest bang for your buck in your luggage many can be found on YouTube like below:

How to pack for motorcycle trips:

Important point on your rain gear is: VISIBILITY!! I can not stress this enough. It is already questionable if any is looking for a MOTORCYCLE so the best you can do is try to be as VISABLE as possible. Light colors and reflective garments are the best and most economical way to do this. You want to stay dry but you also want to stay ALIVE! I’ve the suit below as well as lights running in the frame, undercarriage and wheels of my bike to attempt to be as VISABLE as possible in rain or at night. The light colors and reflective tape STAND OUT and make me more visible in inclement weather. This coupled with LIGHTS have been a blessing during many of our road trips as I usually ride two up (with a passenger) and her gear is brighter than mine. (FLORESCENT PINK with reflective tape).

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There is so much to see and do out there on the road of life and trying to stay safe and enjoy the trip is one of the hardest things to do especially in this stage of the game. With all the things we need to look out for the one thing we should always look out for is EACH OTHER!! I want the trip that you choose to be one of the BEST TRIPS you have ever taken and with some helpful advice and our PRAYERS go out and LIVE A LITTLE!!

We will see you out there Safe Travels my Friend!

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