Preparing Motorcycle for Winter Storage

Here are some ideas on how to prepare your motorcycle for winter storage. Many of the things you can do to prepare for the winter months depend on where your live? I live in Missouri so very often in the past there have been times when even during winter seasons it was nice enough outside to ride. I am not a Cold weather rider as I find after your get to a point (COLD) the Fun seems to no longer apply to the ride and that’s my whole pint of riding! So in my state I don’t prep like I would when I lived in Michigan and the weather did not allow for as many rides during winter seasons as they do now.

Battery Tenders

There is nothing worse than planning on going for a ride only to get to the bike try to start the motor and NOTHING happens, the battery is DEAD! If your own a bike and have had to replace the battery your know two things.

One: they are not CHEAP!

Two: they are not always easy to replace depending on what make and model your have.

With this in mind it is easier to be PRO ACTIVE and spend a little time and money on maintaining your battery! Since the battery can cost $145 and above the price of the tenders pay for themselves the first time your use them. Below is on e that I have and it does the job nicely without breaking the bank:

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Here are some features: [ Charger, Maintainer & Desulfator ] – An all-weather battery charger, battery maintainer, trickle charger, and battery desulfator. Perfect for charging and maintaining all 12-volt lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell). ETL safety standard Listed. [ Automatic Desulfation & Optimization ] – Automatic detection of battery sulfation problem. Applying with pulse current technology to desulfate the batteries effectively. Optimize the battery performance during charging without any manual operation. [ Energy Saving & Spark Free ] – Zero output in standby mode. No battery drain when connecting with the battery. Spark proof during lead connection for safety. [ Multi-level Safety Protection & Timer Set Up ] – Overcharge, short circuit and reverse polarity protected. Charge the battery up to 14.4V and Maintain the battery at 13.6V for long time to avoid gasing and to extend the battery life. 24-hour Timer is set up in the program to terminate the charge and enter the maintaining mode once the voltage is above 14V to ensure safety. It also comes with several connection points to work on almost any Bike.

This unit is quick to connect and disconnect so I don’t really need a lot of time to do either before or after riding which is always a plus in my book! It will also afford your the luxury of maintinaing your battery for a longer duration which is another cost savings.


I keep my bike in a garage when I am home as I have spent a considerable amount of money on making it a one of a kind ride I like to keep it clean. I went from this to:

So for me another step in prepping for winter is to cover MY RIDE. It is a small price to pay to ensure that dust and other things do not damage anything on your ride. There are so many it is easy to get lost in the research. Again doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get the job done, as I have a larger bike I went with this one:

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It is cost effective and fits well. I have not used it on an open trailer so unsure if it holds up to the wear and tea. I have lost several others covers while covering up my bike on open trailers in the past, however for storing no worries! here are the specs:

  • UNIVERSAL FIT-XXXL Large Designed to fit multiple motorcycles up to 116 inch—from Harley Davidson to Honda,Suzuki to Kawasaki,Yamaha and more—Our cover fits 99% on and off-road standard-sized bikes in USA market.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS-Made of High quality Oxford materiel,which is non-abrasive and water repellent.
  • IMPROVED WEATHER PROTECTION –Protect your motorcycle against rain, dust, heat, tree sap, damaging UV rays & inclement weather with top to bottom coverage.
  • LOCKHOLES & WINDPROOF BUCKLE-2 Aluminium lockholes,2 windproof buckles and 1 Professional Windproof Strap design, which help lock your motor and to better fit.

Oil Change

Depending on the mileage, which I change my oil every 5,000 miles and use Screaming Eagle 20W50 oil. This may be a good time to do the oil change if your are putting your bike up for an extended period you will have the time to do this on YOUR schedule and is more convenient to do if your have the needed tools. I do not change the oil unless I have achieved the 5,000 miles or I have been riding in some REAL weather 110 degrees or somewhere in that area for long periods of time. Since the Bike Stock cost around $18,000 back when I bought it in 2012 and I have spent a bit on upgrading, the cost of the oil, filter and time is much less than replacing or repairing an engine! So this part of the storage is entirely up to your and your Mileage.

Gas treatment

Here agin I do not store my bike for that long so do not use any winter gas treatment. I do however always fill up the gas tank before bring back to garage so I am prepared to embark on my next adventure without delay.


You know your Bike better than anyone and I know your want to keep it at peak operating function, as well as look good for the ride, so if your follow these simple instructions your will be able to achieve both with minimal time and money spent in the process. I look forward to seeing your out on the road this spring/summer and who knows maybe even on warm days this winter? Be safe and enjoy the RIDE!

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