Toy Haulers- How to choose the Best

I want to start traveling more and with the way of the current World I started looking at my options. I looked at the tow behind trailers and some of them are really great. It’s almost as nice as a house if you get the right one? However, there is a need for a Vehicle to tow the trailer and that is something I currently do not have. I looked into toy hauler RV’s and that answered one of the issue NO vehicle to tow with, but is this the best route for me?

I was looking at a 2017 Outlaw 29H class C toy hauler and it appeared to have all the bells and whistles I wanted. At a $79,900 price tag it is something that I really need to research to ensure I make the best educated guess I can. I have friends who have a tow behind toy hauler and we took it out to Colorado for the Maiden Voyage. My friend had a diesel truck so I really wasn’t that concerned. However, we had 2 Road Glide Motorcycles in the back and it really took its toll on the old diesel. At one point I decided to take my bike out and reduce the load by around 800lbs and I followed behind just to make sure there were no issues. We made it to our destination but I don’t think I would do that again, he subsequently upgraded his Diesel truck to a heavier duty grade.

Tow Behind Trailers

I have been looking at a lot of these just to compare and many are spectacular to say the least. They have all the comforts of home and sometimes more so as you can choose the upgrades before you purchase. There are plenty of both pay and free camp sites out there in any state you could think of. Here one link to start you off:

Here again I think of the costs first? This trailer is listed at a Price of $21,867 for a 2021 Forest River Wildwood FSX 181RTX as pictured below: This unit is 21’9″ long weight: 3,235 sleeps 3 people. It is a basic toy hauler model tow behind.

Now you will have to have a vehicle to tow this baby with and as it weighs 3,235 on its own, when you put a Motorcycle or ATV in it that weight rises. For example my 2012 Road Glide Custom weighs about 800lbs so this added to the trailer weight is 4,035 total tow behind weight. So your vehicle will need to be rated for at least 4,500 just to be on the safe side. So a Class III truck supports the need, such as a New Ford Ranger that has a towing capacity of 7,500 lbs according to US News. This truck MSRP is anywhere from $24,110-38,675.

So let’s do the math BASIC Tow Hauler Trailer: $21,867 2020 Ford Ranger middle of the road $31,110.

21867+31110=$52,977 total

You now have 2 components to deal with: Truck and Trailer, so there are other issues that may need to be addressed? Such as storage for the trailer depending on your current living conditions, we will assume you are using the truck on a daily basis.

RV Toy Hauler

I am going to use a NEW unit just like in my previous example while trying to stay in the same dimensional attributes. I choose the 2021 Outlaw Motor Coach Class C 29J Toy Hauler as a comparison. This unit is 31’1″ in length, weighs 14,500 lbs and can sleep up to 8 people. The Price is $89,987

This unit has all the bells and whistles of a standard RV with an additional bonus of being able to LOAD up your Motorcycle or ATV and take it with you on your travels. Here are the Options that you get with this price tag.

2021 Thor Motor Coach Outlaw Class C 29J, Additional Options Included: – 1000-watt Entertainment Inverter – 13,500 BTU Front Roof Air Conditioner – 32″ TV in Garage – 5,000 BTU Air Conditioner in Garage – Automatic Leveling Jacks with Touchpad Controls – Black Tank Flush System – Bluetooth® Coach Radio with Garage Speakers – Bug Screen Curtain in Garage – Double Door Gas/Electric RV Refrigerator w/Smoked Acrylic Panel Inserts – Drop-Down Ramp Door with Railings for Patio Use and Manual Awning – Exterior 32″ TV on Swivel Bracket with Bluetooth® Sound Bar and Radio – Exterior LP Connection – Heated/Remote Exterior Mirrors with Integrated Side View Cameras – Keyless Entry System – Metal Pan Drawer Front\'(s) Matching Cook top Below Cook top – Pressed Laminate Kitchen Countertops w/Under Mounted Sink with Sink Cover\'(s) – Solar Prep (includes solar controller) – Spot Lights over Ramp Door – Stainless Steel Storage Cabinet in Garage – Tankless Water Heater – Tie Down Rings in Garage – Touchscreen Dash Radio w/Back-Up Monitor – Upgraded Recessed 3-Burner Gas Cook top with Glass Cover – Whole Coach Water Filtration System – Winegard® ConnecT™ 2.0 WiFi / 4G / TV Antenna – Cabover Child Safety Net

Now you may still have the need to Store this unit again depending on your living conditions, but this is only ONE unit to maintain as opposed to the previous comparison.

Used or New

Here again this will depend on your financial standings as well as needs. There are a lot of both styles of campers out there new and used so it will most likely be a matter of what you are willing and able to do to find the PERFECT FIT for you and your family. I weigh the Pros and Cons of each one and come out about the same as far as utilization of each. It will depend on UP KEEP for a used unit as many times people are prone to dispose of or sell units that are troublesome so BUYER BEWARE.

All things considered its best to do you due diligence and ensure if buying used the unit is sound and SAFE to travel to avoid any complications later on down the road. I believe unless you are VERY familiar with campers and RV’s it would be best to have inspected by a professional before purchasing. If they won’t allow you to do that than maybe this one isn’t the right one? Also, it is always best to see about any Warranties that may come with unit, better safe than sorry


It is my Humble opinion that the Motorcoach would be the one that I picked. It is more expensive however it is also self containing (do not need tow vehicle) and thus I believe it is less of a hassle than a 2 unit camper(truck and trailer). It also affords you the opportunity to sleep more people and gives you more room if it is just the two of you. Already comes with outdoor speakers so you can listen to music in the AM/PM while relaxing under the canopy. Also, has an outdoor TV screen so you could pop in a movie or watch some late night or early morning show before or after your adventures!

I would really like to hear from anyone on what their experiences were or are on either or both of these topics? Knowledge is a great thing and the best is from people who have DONE that BEEN there. So please comment on this and let everyone know What’s What.


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