What Luggage to take on trip?

When preparing for a trip it is easy to get carried away with oneself. We never want to pack and then realize you are MISSING things you should have brought? The length of the trip and the size of the luggage do not always determine a good outcome!

Determining factors

The location of the travel will narrow down certain aspects of your attire;

  • What is the weather?
  • What are some events you wish to see or partake in?
  • Who is going?

These factors play a key role in determining what things you will need and thus what luggage works best? I try to travel as often as time and money allows, as there are so many things to see out there. Obviously time and money do not always allow me to do the things I wish to do.

So may times I just take short weekend trips and try to get away from the RAT RACE that seems to be a constant thing these days? It is surprising that just this short and most times inexpensive BREAK can bring a calming effect over me. The saying goes “It’s the little things” has never meant more to me then NOW.

Hard Shell versus Soft Shell

I myself like my things to remain undamaged when traveling. I have also worked at Airports before so I have a little inside knowledge. I am not trying to BASH the airport baggage handler here!! They have a very difficult job and to be honest I would not want to be required to work in 100+ or -30 degree temps on a daily basis! Not to mention they have very little time in between flights to get things organized and unloaded/loaded to begin with.

Although Soft shell luggage may be easier to handle at times it doesn’t provide the PROTECTION that a Hard shell does for obvious reasons. There are so many types of both it can seem overwhelming. You can research till your hearts content and still not understand which one is best for you as I did? I also found that in my youth carry on luggage was not that big of a thing. Then time takes its toll on us and WHEELS were made for a reason!

So I concluded that the Hard shell with Wheels was the way to go for me. Here comes the mass amount of information stating one brand or style is better than the other research journey. I spent a lot of time digging into this, and actually trying different types and brands to see what worked best for me. Here is a link:Luggage

Brand names

Although Brand names are great as it shows they have been around for a long time and thus can be trusted, it was just one of the factors I included in my research. I needed longevity as money does not grow on trees, I do not have a problem PAYING for something but I expect it to LAST as long as it can! I really don’t want to have to FIX anything that should not need fixing in the first place.

Most times I travel with two people, Angie and I. I am a Marine so I know how to get along with pretty much NOTHING but now I should not have to! She has come a long way from the time we met 7 years ago to now I have to admit, (plus she may read this). I know Women are very particular about certain items and such and I too have come along way (see you can teach on OLD dog new tricks).

It did hurt a little to find I really didn’t want to CARRY our luggage whatever type it was around the airport. Often times around and around the airport seems more like it? But I realize all good thing come to an end so Wheels it was. Here two comes another issue. What type? How Many? Really! How about ones that work and go where I pull the luggage, let’s start there. I found FOUR, MULTI-DIRECTIONAL OVERSIZED SPINNER WHEELS created effortless mobility and they are re-engineered to be lightweight to be the best for me. Luggage


Ok so now I have determined which direction I want to go now how many do I need? This will again reflect back to your Determining Factors part. I travel with two people so depending on the other factors I usually can get away with two pieces of luggage maximum for extended trips most times one for all others. How you pack is another important part of the equations. There are many ways to fold your clothes and how many and what kind can play a factor in deciding? When I am on the motorcycle I find Rolling will allow you to pack more and the ever important issue WRINKLES are a non factor if done correctly. Here are a couple links on how to: Bundle Pack :Rolling versus Folding

There is also a need to ensure thatt least one bag fits certain requirements at the airport such as (meets carry-on size restrictions for those traveling domestically and looking to stay light). I also found it beneficial to have whatever luggage you have be secure or able to lock, not that I don’t trust people but things happen. It is always better “to have and not need then to need and not have so the luggage should also have EXPANSION capabilities to allow you to pack more items and compression which keeps clothing neatly pressed.


After research and of course trial an error I believe I have found some luggage that will not break the bank, provide the longevity that I require as well as have style. I hope this helps you on your journey to explore the places you have always wanted and allows you to bring the necessities you will need! If you have any other suggestions, ideas or comments please feel free to let me know as this is an ever developing product and Knowledge is POWER. Take a look at my findings.

Happy Trail


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  1. Thank you for this insight . Poor packing while travelling has a potential to bring a bitter taste to the vacation .I have personally experienced this on different occasions. i have to admit I am not such a good packer. you are right most times we pack looking at the number of days we will be away and also trying to make sure that we don’t pack our whole house (size). 

    1. Bogadi

      It took me awhile to get the packing down as I was one of those that goes from ALL or NOTHING kind of places. I have to admit I have packed most of the house in the beginning and still left things I needed? LOL With time comes knowledge and I am now capable of doing it right. 

      Thank you for your comment and I hope you have a great day! 

  2. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. This is a very big question that must be answered as if it’s not there would be a lot of fall outs in the trip as your luggage determines what you can take on a trip. For me I think I would go with hardshell luggage as it has proven to be the best, especially in hard weather condition.

    1. islmeglamour

      Thank you for your comment! I forgot about the weather issue that is an important part of selection as well, I appreciate the insight!

      I hope you have a great day! 

  3. I like your topic because you are so right, Just never seems to know if you are packing enough or too little until you get to your destination and realized that something is missing or half the stuff you never used. You also have to consider packing as light as possible because of all the extra charges.
    As far as luggage is concerned baggage handlers main concern is getting the work done, so you definitely need to invest in a suitcase that can take some bouncing around as you mentioned hard case might be the way to go. I myself has worked on the airport for a while and have an idea as to kind of pressure the workers have to deal with.
    As far as your weekend trips goes enjoy the time, sometimes that all you need to recharge. Some people can’t even afford that. In due time I am sure with all your hard work and perseverance you will be able to do a lot more. Great job!

    1. Hazel Bleasdille
      Thank you for your Comment, I hope you are right about the hard work and perseverance. If nothing else at least I am learning and attempting to help h=whoever may listen? I look forward to watching your progress as well!
      I hope you have a great day.

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